Helping Small to Midsize Businesses Support Employee Wellbeing

We help businesses support employee wellbeing through corporate research, employee wellbeing trainings and corporate employee wellbeing strategy development. 

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Resources to Support Your Employee Wellbeing Initiatives

Employee Mental Health


Download this FREE employee mental health toolkit. The resources provided are FREE to utilize. 

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Understanding Employee Mental Health Now

Take a 45-minute e-course to understand the impact of covid-19 and Black Lives Matter on employee mental health. 

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16 Strategies to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Download this FREE resource providing 16 strategies you can implement to support employee wellbeing. 

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Why is Employee Wellbeing Important?

Employee wellbeing impacts employee productivity, focus, motivation and engagement, all of which impacts the company's bottom line and capacity to excel in their industry. 


Let's Work Together

At Wellbeing Works we partner with clients to support employee wellbeing through three primary services

Corporate Research

Participatory research to answer your most pressing employee related questions

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Training Products

Building employee skills and competencies in the area of employee wellbeing

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Strategy Development

Designing a comprehensive approach to support employee wellbeing

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What's your mental health in the workplace IQ?

Take this short, 2-minute and completely anonymous quiz to find out if you would know what to do if an employee was having a mental health crisis or demonstrating signs of mental distress in the workplace. 

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Employee wellbeing has always been important...

But the knowledge, tools and skills to support employee wellbeing aren't immediately intuitive. Let us help you create a workplace culture where all employees can thrive!

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