Actionable Data to Drive Sustainable Solutions

At Yes Wellbeing Works we use a participatory research method to answer your most pressing employee related questions. Treating your corporate research need with the same rigor as an academic research project, we gain buy-in from employees early through active participation in the research and ensure the quality of the data to drive sustainable solutions. We also handle the design, implementation and analysis and partner with you to develop solutions. 

Survey Methodology

PhD level data scientists to support research design and analysis

Social Psychology

Expertise in Social Psychology, helping us to understand human behavior

Human Resources

Corporate expertise in HR, allowing us to build a bridge from data to action in your organization

Equity Approach

Utilization of an equity based research framework to prioritize all voices in the organization

Get excited about triangulation...

In many cases the best way to answer your employee related questions will require a mix of research tools (i.e. surveys, focus groups, internal data, etc.). This is called triangulation in the research space. By applying more than one research tool you improve the interpretive accuracy of the data. Our signature Organizational Wellbeing Assessment (OWA) uses triangulation.

Organizational Wellbeing Assessment (OWA)

The OWA is our signature triangulated research tool focused on providing organizations with a baseline on how they're doing in four areas of employee wellbeing: Basic Needs, Psychological Safety, Esteem and Belonging and actionable, organization specific solutions and next steps to improve work-related wellbeing for employees. No two recommendations are the same, because no two organizations are the same.

The OWA consists of three components:

Quantitative Survey

All employee survey using statistically validated measures for each of the four components of employee wellbeing. 

Focus Groups

Focus groups with key employee groups to delve deeper into survey trends and understand the context of employee experiences. 

Internal Systems Review

Review of internal policies, procedures and systems along key criteria for supporting employee wellbeing in organizations. 

Corporate Research SHOULD be research...

Similar to academic research, corporate research should adhere to a level of rigor to ensure the quality of data, following a solid research methodology. Poorly conceived corporate research designs not only results in poor data, but also poor decisions. We combine an academic level of rigor with a corporate appetite for data that leads to actionable solutions. Working with us, you won't have to question the data, interpretation or the rationale of the solutions. 

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