Welcome to Yes Wellbeing Works!


Whether you’re here because you’re curious to know more about Yes Wellbeing Works, LLC or are contemplating working with us on an upcoming project, we're glad you stopped by.

Yes Wellbeing Works occupies a niche space in the HR Consulting industry focused exclusively on employee wellbeing. We help small to midsize businesses build workplace cultures that support employee wellbeing, bringing together the best interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of Social Psychology, Mental Health, Human Resources and Research Methodology.

We have a small but mighty team of trainers, data scientists, HR Consultants and coaches, that work collaboratively to improve employee wellbeing in organizations. 

Yes Wellbeing Works, LLC was founded in 2019 by Dr. Shanna B. Tiayon. Dr. Tiayon is a Social Psychologist and Senior Human Resources professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources. While in academia she was both a National Science Foundation and Ford Fellow, while researching topics on physical and mental health. Dr. Tiayon is also a well known writer focusing on topics of wellbeing. 


Interested in working with us? 

If you're considering working with us, it's important to understand our core values, which gives you a good idea of how we operate and the client experience you can expect. 


We practice what we preach: We believe deeply in the value and power of employee wellbeing. So we strive to work in ways that not only centers the wellbeing needs of our employees (ensuring that you have a sharp and insightful team at your service) but also your employees serving as key internal partners for Yes Wellbeing Works projects (ensuring that we work in ways that don't add stress or distress to your employees).

We believe in data and science: Data, research and metrics is a sort of love language for us at Yes Wellbeing Works. Everything we do is informed by science. Our training curriculums are based on current research and an extensive literature review. Our research uses rigorous academic level methodology. And our strategy is based off of realtime data from your employees, providing a customized solution. 

We partner not drive:  We value the time and resources of our clients, therefore internal partners at the leadership level is central to the work that we do to ensure sustainability. We are most effective when partnering with organizations that believe in the value and necessity of employee wellbeing - the why. If clients are clear on the why, we can support them on the how. 

We innovate and customize: It's our goal to lead in the burgeoning industry of employee wellbeing (which is different than wellness). Our training topics, training  series and survey tools reflect this commitment through innovative topics and tools. Whether a training product or strategy plan we always customize our offerings for clients. There's no one size fits all solution to employee wellbeing.