Strategic Initiatives to Support Employee Wellbeing

Fostering employee wellbeing requires a comprehensive organizational approach, where employee wellbeing initiatives are infused with the organizational culture, work in alignment with organizational policies, have management buy-in and respond to the specific employee wellbeing needs of employees. Similar to other business objectives, this requires strategy. We partner with clients to understand their employee wellbeing baseline and current resources to develop a strategy that works for their organization. 

Baseline Assessment

We conduct a baseline assessment to understand your current employee wellbeing needs

Customized Plan

We utilize the results from the assessment to develop a customized plan for your organization.

Management Support

We work with your managers throughout the process to gain management support of initiatives. 

Employee centric strategies that make business sense

The goal of the employee wellbeing strategies developed by Yes Wellbeing Works is to focus on the needs of employees, while working in unison with organizational budgets and existing resources. We partner with you to develop a right fit plan for your budget and needs and where possible incorporate existing organizational resources as part of the plan. 

Measure impact

In addition to partnering with you to develop an effective employee wellbeing strategy, we provide you with the tools to measure the impact of the initiative in your organization. Strategy is great, but measurable results, now that's exciting!

Free 20-Minute Consultation

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