Employee Wellbeing Strategy Quickstart Guide

Say Goodbye to Ineffective Wellness Programs and Hello to a Data-Based and Customized Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Is your organization's employee wellness program not producing the results you hoped, especially in this new post-pandemic work environment?

The issue isn't your organization, it's the program! Most employee wellness programs are ineffective because they don't address core employee workplace needs or needed organizational shifts to drive employee outcomes. Instead employers should focus on developing an Employee Wellbeing Strategy. 

Let us help! In the guide you'll find steps to build a data driven, customized and sustainable alternative to the employee wellness programs of yesteryear. Download your FREE guide now. 


Did you know?

The impetus for employee wellness programs was never about employees


Employee wellness programs were doomed to be ineffective from their introduction, because they weren't designed with employees' needs at the center. Instead they were introduced as a mechanism to lower employer medical costs. This origins story has plagued corporate wellness programs ever since. Traditional employee wellness programs tend to fail in three ways: 


Wellness programs focus almost exclusively on physical health, ignoring the key drivers of employee outcomes.


Wellness programs are typically one-size-fits-all, without taking into consideration organizational needs and context.


Wellness programs often lack sustainability, relying heavily on internal employee champions to keep the initiative going.

Are you ready to evolve?

If you're still doing wellness at your organization, it's time for an upgrade!


An Employee Wellbeing Strategy addresses the true drivers of employee outcomes (and guess what it's not water challenges and Fitbit trackers). It also adapts to real-time and current needs of employees, not a stagnant wellness programming model. The workplace has evolved, it's time for your organization's wellness program to do the same and embrace an Employee Wellbeing Strategy. We can show you how! 


Employee Wellbeing Strategy Quickstart Guide 

Here's what you'll get in the Quickstart Guide

Key aspects of employee wellbeing

Learn exactly what to focus on in your employee wellbeing strategy to drive key employee outcomes.



Design for organizational fit

Learn how to design an employee wellbeing strategy that meets the specific needs of your employees, not an out-of-the box solution.


Plan with sustainability in mind

Learn how to increase the sustainability of your strategy by aligning with existing organizational priorities.



Are you ready to stop wasting time and resources on employee wellness programs that don't add value or produce results?  


Then click the download button, block some time off in your calendar to review the guide and get started! There's no better time than the present.