For Organizational Leaders and HR professionals in search of proactive and/or reactive guidance on responding to suicide


Webinar: Organizational Response to Suicide

Thursday | May 5, 2022 | 1-2:15 p.m. EST


Learn key strategies for responding to employees demonstrating suicide ideation and suggested strategies for supporting employees after the death of a colleague by suicide


The training you didn't know you needed - until you need it.

**Brought to you by Yes Wellbeing Works in collaboration with B Wellness Consulting**

4 reasons why organizations should care about suicide:


  1. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. and a growing issue globally
  2. Suicide doesn't just impact the deceased, but every person connected to them, including colleagues in the workplace
  3. Stress can be a potential trigger of suicide
  4. Employees may express suicide intentions in the workplace

Yet most organizational leaders have no mental health training or an internal protocol on how to respond to such situations. 

Fact vs. Myth

Learn the facts about suicide and unpack common myths that may be a hindrance to offering support


Learn strategies to respond to suicide ideation (thoughts about suicide) and death by suicide


Learn about free and paid support and knowledge based resources for responding to suicide

Ask yourself these questions 

  • Would you know how to respond if an employee indicated they were thinking about suicide?
  • Are you equipped to support employees after the death by suicide of a colleague? 
  • Do you have the knowledge and skills to have initial conversations about suicide in the workplace?

If you answered no to all or one of the above questions, then this webinar is for you. 

Some of the biggest myths about suicide

  • If I talk to someone about their suicide ideation it will encourage suicidal behavior
  • Suicide only impacts those with a history of mental illness
  • Employees don't talk about or attempt suicide in the workplace

If any of these have crossed your mind, then come check out the webinar so we can give you the facts.

As an organiztional leader or HR professional you have a responsibility to employees


And that means supporting the entire employee, inclusive of their overall wellbeing. While suicide is not always related to a history of mental illness it can reflect an acute mental health challenge. 

Contrary to popular rhetoric employees do not leave their mental health at the door when they come to work. And suicide ideation or death by suicide can be one unfortunate outcome of mental health challenges. Impacting the employee and the colleagues they work with. 

Yet most organizations do not equip their leaders to respond to such situations BEFORE they occur, leaving the organization confused and unprepared when such situations happen. 

We get it, suicide is not an easy topic to discuss, but let's have the tough conversations and gain foundational skills now to potentially save a life or support grieving colleagues in the future. 

Although this webinar is introductory it provides foundational knowledge and skills

Now we are not going to promise you that by the end of the webinar you will be a suicide prevention expert, but you will leave with the following: 

  • Key facts about suicide
  • An opportunity to interrogate your beliefs about suicide that may inhibit your capacity to offer support
  • Conversation tools to offer support for suicide ideation
  • Support strategies for grieving staff after the death by suicide of a colleague
  • Resources to strengthen your support skills and extend support offerings at your organization

If you have the above, you'll be light years ahead of what 95% of most organizations have in place to respond to suicide. 

Meet Your Facilitators

Shanna B. Tiayon, PhD

Shanna B. Tiayon is the Founder and Chief Practitioner of Yes Wellbeing Works, LLC. She is a Social Psychologist (PhD), frequently quoted mental health expert and has over 18 years experience in the field of human resources. She is also a former National Science Foundation and Ford fellow, TEDx speaker and freelance writer appearing in The Guardian, Greater Good Magazine, Yes Magazine and others. 

Rochele Burnette, MA

Rochele Burnette is the Founder/CEO of B Wellness Consulting LLC, which is a Dayton based National Consulting firm serving organizations, corporations, and businesses in employee wellbeing. Rochele has over 25 yrs. of progressive experience in the Criminal Justice and Mental Health field. She is a National Mental Health First Aid USA Instructor and has contributed to 1000’s of individuals trained in Mental Health First Aid across the country. Rochele was recognized in 2018 as one of the Top 100 Mental Health First Aid instructors in the nation and the Top Instructor in the state of Ohio in 2019.

What's it like to attend a session facilitated by Yes Wellbeing Works?


Suicide is not something you encounter everyday in the workplace, but when you do it is ALWAYS a high stakes situation to either: save a life or manage the distress of grieving colleagues. 

Responding to and managing any high stakes situation requires preparation before the situation occurs, this is not something you want to learn in real-time. Let us help you, providing you with knowledge and skills to make a difference should this occur in your organization. Space is limited!


Webinar: Organizational Response to Suicide