Manager & HR Trainings

The below training offerings are geared towards managers and human resources (HR) professionals. We consider HR leadership and generalists to be an integral part of helping managers developing effective management skills through ongoing coaching, policy development and internal procedure design, in addition to learning the content to manage their own teams. Therefore we encourage organizations interested in management training to include their HR team, even if they do not directly manage employees. 

Management Foundations

Looking to build or reinforce foundational management skills to better support your employees? This interactive 6-week training covers management basics in three areas: employee centric management, communication and manager self-awareness and personal development.Ā 

Some of the key learning objectives include:Ā 

  • Understand the definition of employee centric management.
  • Developing a management plan for direct reports based on established profiles.
  • Sharpen communication skills across contexts.
  • Develop tools for self-awareness and sustained growth as a manager.

Duration: Six, 2-hour modules over the course of six weeks

Also Included: GroupĀ masterminds, 360 Feedback process and recorded live sessions + extended learning via e-modules.

Managing for Wellbeing

An essential part of employee centric management is being able to manage in a way that supports employees' wellbeing, creating an environment of psychological safety, belonging and overall esteem. This signature training unpacks what it means to manage for employee wellbeing and provides key tools and strategies for managers.

Some key learning objectives include: 

  • Learn the four components of employee wellbeing and how they drive employee outcomes.
  • Learn key management strategies to promote employee wellbeing in four areas.
  • Learn key strategies for recognizing signs of employee distress and offering support.

Duration: Three 2-hour modules over the course of three weeks, extended e-module learning + one 1-hour group coaching session. 

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Do you know the signs of mental distress in employees? Would you know how to support an employee experiencing mental distress? This interactive training teaches managers and HR professionals introductory skills for supporting employee mental health. 

Key learning objectives include: 

  • Address mental health stigma in the workplace.
  • Learn to recognize the signs of distress and how distress may show up in the workplace.
  • Learn proactive and reactive strategies to support mental health in the workplace.
  • Learn strategies for sensitive topics like de-escalation and suicidal thoughts.

Duration: 2-hours

Understanding Psychological Safety

Are you interested in promoting team learning, creativity and a growth mindset on your team? Then psychological safety is a necessary component of a healthy group dynamic.

This three part product combines:

  • A statistically validated survey instrument to assess your team's level of psychological safety
  • An all-employee session to review results and deepen understanding
  • A management coaching session to provide suggested actions and next steps

Duration: All employee session = 90-minutes & Manager Coaching session = 60-minutes

Trauma Informed Management

Trauma has often been a taboo topic in workplaces, but its a part of the human experience. Trauma can impact the brain in a profound way, influencing employee behavior and performance. This training introduces participants to the topic of trauma in a workplace context and the pillars of a trauma informed workplace.  

Key learning objectives include: 

  • Define trauma
  • Learn how trauma can impact the brain.
  • Understand how trauma can show up in the workplace.
  • Learn the 4 R's of a trauma informed workplace and accompanying strategies.

Note: There are 3 variations of this training: 1) Introduction to Trauma Informed Management, 60-minutes, 2) Comprehensive Trauma Informed Management, 2-hours and 3) Trauma Informed Management in Human Resources, 2-hours