Employee Trainings

Wellbeing Before Work

It is not uncommon for employees to sacrifice their personal wellbeing for professional pursuits, but we know that over time this strategy is unsustainable and potentially harmful to employees' physical and mental health. This interactive training provides employees with the science and strategies to put their wellbeing first. 

Key learning objectives include: 

  • Learn the neuroscience of stress and wellbeing.
  • Understand common signs of a stress response.
  • 6 strategies to manage stress in the workplace.
  • Key strategies and tools to address burnout.

Duration: 90-minutes

Mental Health in the Workplace (Peer-to-Peer)

Employees experience various forms of mental distress in the workplace that may impact workplace behaviors. Yet most employees are unaware of the signs of distress or how to support colleagues experiencing distress. This trainings builds introductory knowledge and skills to build a peer-to-peer mental health support network in organizations. 

Key learning objectives include: 

  • Address mental health stigma in the workplace.
  • Learn to recognize the signs of distress and how distress may show up in the workplace.
  • Learn key strategies to build a peer-to-peer mental health support network.

Duration: 90-minutes

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Managing Upwards

While often promoted as a professional development tool, managing upwards or self-advocacy is also an employee wellbeing strategy. A tool that employees can use to mitigate existing or potential workplace stressors by advocating for what they need in the workplace – to their managers and organization at large. This training provides employees with strategies and frameworks to advocate for what they need in the workplace. 

Key learning objectives include, learn: 

  • The link between managing upwards and wellbeing.
  • The key factors that impact an employee’s capacity to effectively self-advocate.
  • Key laws and internal policies, systems and tools that can be used for self-advocacy (customized to the organizational context).
  • Strategies for self-advocacy in the workplace.

Duration: 90-minutes

Peer Support in the Workplace

Peer support in the workplace is a way for employees from diverse backgrounds, but common interests to support the healing or growth of colleagues in a non-clinical way through active and compassionate listening. This training helps employees sharpen skills to provide effective peer support. 

Key learning objectives include: 

  • Learn the 6 core values of peer support.
  • Learn key skills necessary to be an effective peer-supporter.
  • Learn tools to facilitate support conversations.

Duration: 90-minutes

Stress and Decision Making

Employees today are working under increasing amounts of stress. Research shows that stress can have a detrimental impact on our brain’s function. The training provides the science behind how stress impacts the brain and strategies to mitigate the impact. 

Key learning objectives include: 

  • Learn the science between stress and decision making.
  • Learn four ways that stress impacts decisions, through active participant games and experiments.
  • Learn key strategies for improved decision making under stress.

Duration: 90-minutes