For Organizational Leaders and HR Professionals Interested in Addressing AND Preventing Workplace Bullying


Webinar: Bullying in the Workplace

Wednesday | February 9, 2022 | 1-2:15 EST


Learn the signs of bullying and key organizational strategies to respond to and prevent bullying in the workplace


Workplace Bullies Need Specific Organizational Characteristics to Thrive - Don't let it be your organization! 



Obtain an overview on the topic of bullying inclusive of: definitions, effect on employees and potential legal implications


Leave the webinar with key knowledge and tools to implement proactive and reactive anti-bullying strategies


Engage with the facilitator in real time, learn from the experiences of others and get your questions answered

You may be thinking the term "bully" is a bit strong for the workplace context...


For most people when they hear the term "bully", they picture a large, menacing adolescent on the schoolyard playground. They rarely think of a corporate CEO, Chief Accountant, Global Health Professional, manager, colleague, etc. 

But workplace bullying does exist, so much so that it prompted a campaign to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB) in the U.S., which has been introduced in more than 31 states. 

While there is an indication of growing legislation on the topic of workplace bullying, there are limited resources to help organizations prevent bullying, aside from Anti-bullying policy templates. 

If you're interested in proactively moving your organization in the direction of a bully-free workplace, register for the webinar to learn more. 

As a leader or HR professional  you may struggle with: 

  • Knowing when to label workplace conduct as bullying
  • How to appropriately respond to claims of workplace bullying
  • How to prevent workplace bullying

Learn a few tools and strategies spanning the employee life cycle to address the above.

The 3 accomplices of workplace bullying:

Workplace bullying cannot continue without formal or informal organizational support. Workplace bullies need the right organizational environment to thrive: culture + policies + procedures

Learn key evaluation criteria to understand how your organization aligns. 

This is not just about the "Great Resignation"...


There's a lot of focus right now on what's called The Great Resignation, massive employee turnover.  But addressing workplace bullying is not just about employees leaving, it's about organizational ethics, employee wellbeing and potential legal implications.

Responding to workplace bullying is not a quick fix to a temporary problem, but instead an organizational stance about how it values its employees and the type of workplace culture it wants to build. 

If this sounds like your organization then this is the webinar for you.

Defining workplace bullying can be ambiguous but the consequences are not

Indeed there is not a clear consensus on how workplace bullying is defined both at the legal or organizational level, but the consequences of unaddressed workplace bullying are clear:

  • high turnover
  • low employee satisfaction
  • high employee stress
  • low organizational commitment, etc. 

Learn how to investigate if any of the above trends in your organization could be related to bullying. 

Meet your facilitator


Shanna B. Tiayon is the Founder and Chief Practitioner of Yes Wellbeing Works, LLC. She is a Social Psychologist (PhD), frequently quoted mental health expert and has over 18 years experience in the field of human resources. She is also a former National Science Foundation and Ford fellow, TEDx speaker and freelance writer appearing in The Guardian, Greater Good Magazine, Yes Magazine and others. 

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A pattern of workplace bullying is NOT an inevitable part of work life, it's recruited, rewarded and overlooked

But it doesn't have to be that way! Attend this webinar to either catalyze a change in your organization or start thinking about safeguards to prevent this from occurring through the introduction of key anti-bullying knowledge and tools. Space is limited!


Webinar: Bullying in the Workplace